Smart City Works also serves as a unique new vehicle for advancing innovation for growing and established companies.  New and promising ideas are identified by industry on a daily basis.  Companies regularly have inventions; innovations in existing product lines; or are seeking to move into a new market.  Sadly though, innovation and commercialization, particularly disruptive innovation, is not readily fostered within so many established companies.

To overcome this, Smart City Works offers Customized Actuation Programs to civil infrastructure and IoT companies, and those seeking to enter smart city municipal markets.   This program is, in essence, a skunkworks for industry.  Mature companies with an interest in advancing internally developed technologies, products, or solutions can now run them through a customized Smart Cities Works program in an efficient and reduced risk manner.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about how we can help you commercialize your innovations, or if you are interested in becoming an ecosystem partner, or investor!

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