Dr. Ibrahim Odeh is on faculty at the school of engineering, and is the founding director of the Global Leaders in Construction Management (GLCM) initiative at Columbia University.  He leads courses in Entrepreneurship for Civil Engineering & Construction; Managing Engineering and Construction Processes; and Principles of Construction Techniques. 

Dr. Odeh's work is focused on assisting top leading construction firms with strategic management in areas related to:  strategy and business development; infrastructure and construction market analysis; disruptive trends in our industry; and market entry strategy. His consulting and market studies includes work with leading firms such as Skanska, AECOM, Turner, Dentons, STV, HAKS, Vertex Engineering, and AI Engineers. He is also an advisory committee member and a working group lead at the World Economic Forum (WEF) on a multi-year project that is focused on studying "The Future of Construction".

Dr. Odeh is the recipient of numerous recognitions and awards, including most recently,  the 2016 Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching.


Director GLCM, Columbia University