Smart City Works will also serve as a unique new vehicle for advancing innovation in mature and established companies.  New and promising ideas are identified by industry on a daily basis.  Sadly though, innovation and commercialization, particularly disruptive innovation, is not readily fostered within so many established civil infrastructure companies. To overcome this, our acceleration services are also being offered to leading civil infrastructure companies (architecture, engineering, construction).   In essence, Smart City Works can and will act as a skunk-works for industry.  Mature companies with an interest in advancing internally developed technologies, products, or solutions can now run them through a customized Smart Cities Works program in an efficient and reduced risk manner.

This unique aspect of our acceleration services is in addition to the ability of industry partners to participate in Smart City Works as an ecosystem partner, and provide mentoring and real-world understanding of current challenges and business opportunities for cohort companies.  Working side-by-side cohort companies, industry partners can significantly benefit through these interactions with cohorts, and in doing so, gain a unique perspective and insights into the latest ideas and direction of new technologies, as well as potentially develop early opportunities for procurement, licensing, or acquisition of emerging technologies ahead of competitors.

If you would like to bring your ideas to Smart City Works or are interested in becoming an ecosystem partner, complete the form and our business development team will contact you.


What can a company expect when they come to Smart City Works: 


  • A robust 3-5 month boot-camp with a multi-pronged curriculum to help optimize technology, refine business plans, enhance operations, and advance product development
  • Pairing with industry mentors and executives to guide you through the journey
  • Ideation services to move beyond ideas to commercial reality
  • State of the art design tools from Autodesk, IBM, Interdigital, and others
  • Access to world class technical support through our network of partners, universities, and laboratories
  • Access to maker spaces, labs, and design studios to turn innovations into mature products
  • Business services:  legal, finance, accounting, and others
  • Introductions to industry partners and collaborators
  • Access to a one-of-a-kind network of test beds and pilot cities
  • Investments into your company and access to investors during and after the program
  • A unique demonstration day to link you to industry, investors, and government officials



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Smart Cities

Smart City Works was created to galvanize innovation and enable commercialization uniquely focused on improving civil infrastructure (the “built environment”) and livability in cities.  Through the creation of a new business accelerator, and the first business “actuator”, Smart City Works will help startups and mature companies transition new ideas or inventions into viable growing businesses that deliver high-impact solutions to make cities smarter, safer, and more resilient.

Reinventing Cities.

Twice yearly, Smart City Works will issue a Call for Innovation (CFI) to announce a new cohort class is forming.  Each cohort may be tailored to advance a particular aspect of how society designs, builds, and operates certain areas of civil infrastructure, which will be announced with the CFI.  Provide us your contact information and we will add you to our list to be notified.  

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